LarryPictureI’m Larry Bortles and I’d like to welcome you to my real estate blog site.

Quite by accident I commenced my real estate development career in 1963 after marrying a lovely lass in Honolulu, when my father-in-law urged a residential land developer friend of his to take me on as a VP’s go-fer. No job specs, just do as I was told. Wound up learning the planning, permitting and site management ropes pretty quickly, for I replaced my boss in 3 months time and eventually had up to 23 subdivision development projects under my control.

That was challenging! Most often I was more a firefighter than a manager, so I went to night school to learn critical path management – the precursor to modern day PERT Project Management software – knowing that I would have to devise some way to get on top of my tasks with what I called an anticipatory management system.

My CPM system worked so well that just over two years later I decided to get a MBA to learn more tools to become a better professional. My boss was making decisions on large development deals at liquid lunches on napkins, and I was sure there was a better way…

And there was! While at Harvard I was introduced to the FORTRAN computer programming language, and it didn’t take long before I commenced writing, from scratch, what later became recognized as the world’s first computer-based real estate investment software for the Research Report required for every MBA graduate. This, along with many other analytical techniques that I learned at HBS took me to the higher professional level that I had sought.

So, it was in 1968, upon my HBS graduation, that I commenced phase 2 of my professional real estate career, with the formation of KPMG’s Honolulu Real Estate Consulting Division. Using my computer software as a core resource, this consulting practice went nationwide in the first year and worldwide in the next. A darn good start.

You’ll see within the Brief History section details on my career since that time.

At this time I’d like to share my observations and opinions on what I see going on around me within the real estate development industry, and hopefully provide some useful perspectives to those who choose to join me here.

Mind you, I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of learning, and am keen to learn more, so I’m hoping that my blogs will inspire my readers to amplify, challenge and chide as they may wish. I’d like to have conversations with my readers, and learn from them.

Nothing beats the lessons from the School of Hard Knocks, and lets share them here!

My best to you all,